Has the End of Life come for your Free Email Service?

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As the old adage goes, all good things must come to an end. And so comes the end of life for another free web hosting service. The free email hosting provider mail2web announced on 19 February 2019, that on 18 March 2019 they will “permanently discontinue the free mail2web Basic Email service” they’ve been providing. Additionally, they state that they “will not provide access to the data in any form after March 18, 2019”. So all the customers need to start coming up with a replacement yesterday; literally yesterday!

For any small or medium sized business, this probably comes as a bit of a shock. And only being provided four weeks to find a replacement is not exactly a lot of time. They are, however, providing their current customers with an alternative. You can start paying for email through their parent company, Hostway. One of the new services, according to their website, will run you $8.49 per user. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t tell you what the term is. Is that an annual fee, a monthly fee or a one time fee?

Hostway is also offering Office 365, so that’s an option for any of the customers mail2web is getting ready to boot off of their free service. Unfortunately, their pricing (see here) is a bit higher than you can get directly from Microsoft, or even a direct reseller such as Imperitiv Solutions. Of course there are advantages to paying a little extra, providing that Hostway’s support is superior to Microsoft’s; or at least as good but more responsive.

Of course here at Imperitiv we resell Office 365 as well, but we resell O365 at the same price Microsoft advertises, with zero markup. And we also provide excellent customer support, a customer portal where you can check on your tenant’s health and a myriad of other information. We also offer a reasonably priced migration service to get you migrated to Office 365.

Once the migration is over, we continue to provide support related your
migration for 30 days. That way if something wasn’t quite right, or an item was overlooked by your team or ours, it’s not going to cost you anything extra to correct it if it was initially missed.

From day one we also provide support for any issues you may have that are caused by a failure or degradation of the service itself. And in the unlikely event that our staff can’t resolve the issue, we have a 59 minute SLA response time from Microsoft to have an engineer on the phone with us to start working the issue. And all this is at no extra cost to what you already pay for the O365 subscription (see pricing).

If you’re looking for someone to migrate you off of mail2web prior to the hard deadline of 18 March, we’ll be able to get you migrated with time to spare. we only ask that you contact us as soon as possible. And not to use this as a scare tactic, but the longer you wait the more likely other companies being forced to migrate will contact us first and be in line ahead of you. We only have so many resources, and even with the advanced automation tools we use there’s only so much that’s possible. Especially as it get’s closer to 18 March and their servers likely get busier and busier as more and more companies and users start taxing their old Exchange 2007 servers and slowing them down in an effort to move their data.

Thanks for reading and our apologies for any typos or unclear statements. We threw this article together in a hurry in order to get this information out there for anyone needing assistance with getting their email off of mail2web’s free solution. You can contact us on our contact page or email us direct at support@Imperitiv.com.

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