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Nonprofit leaders have a lot on their plate. From planning fundraising campaigns to establishing donor relationships to promoting events, there are always new challenges to overcome with limited resources.

While there are many fundraising, relationship, and content management solutions available to help nonprofits work more efficiently, leaders and team members rarely have the time to learn the ins and outs of these technology solutions.

Our IT consultants for nonprofits at Imperitiv can help you overcome the technical challenges in your nonprofit organization with solutions that streamline your workflows, improve team management, and increase donations and revenue.

How Imperitiv Can Help?

At Imperitiv, our IT Consulting solutions for nonprofits offer several benefits to help you overcome the common challenges your organization can face:

  • Collaboration - Nonprofit work requires communication and collaboration between several players, including board members, team leaders, and field workers who may need to collaborate and access essential data from different geographical locations. A cloud solution allows all team members to share data and collaborate securely with just a compatible device and an internet connection no matter where they are.

  • Security and Compliance - Stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats with enterprise-grade security. Our advanced security solutions, including backup, disaster recovery and ring-fencing, help you keep sensitive data and applications secure and compliant. Work with our team of IT consultants for nonprofits today to keep data secure!

  • Tailored Solutions - We’ll customize your IT solution to focus on your top organization goals and priorities like finding new donors, engaging the community, and promoting brand awareness.

  • Predictable costs- Stringent budgets mean nonprofits often lack the funds to keep technology up-to-date and to hire trained personnel which can lead to increased security vulnerabilities and risks. At Imperitiv, our custom service packages with flat-rate plans give you what you need when you want, all within your budget.

Call us at (720) 600-4146 or contact our nonprofit IT consulting team for more information. We’ll help you find the best solution for your nonprofit organization.

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