Is your company data on the Dark Web?

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  • If your company's data and reputation are at risk
  • If your customers’ private information is at risk
  • How we can secure your existing data to prevent future compromises
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What is the Dark Web?

Identity thieves use the Dark Web to buy and sell personal information. If you have ever been a victim of a data breach, the Dark Web is a place where your sensitive information might live. If your information is there, criminals can potentially use it to commit fraud.

What is a Dark Web Scan?

Our 100% FREE and confidential Dark Web Scan For Business is your first line of defense. Simply fill out the form on this page with your name and company email address, and we’ll perform our Dark Web analysis.

Why get the Dark Web Scan for Business?

It’s the best way to start protecting your identity. This scan looks back over a decade, searching over half a million web pages for your personal information including SSN, email or phone number. If we find your information has been compromised, we’ll provide a report and outline detailing steps you should take to keep this information secure.

The Risks Are Real for Business

$150 Million is the average cost of a single data breach in 2020

2 Billion records in 6 months were lost or stolen in 2017

60% of businesses close their doors after a cyber attack

One-Half of small businesses have already experienced data breaches in the last 12 months

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Keeping up on security so you don’t have to!

Imperitiv has put into place the security measures necessary to keep my data safe and secure. I have not needed to spend valuable time researching best practices or products in this area and have been able to focus on my own clients. In the two and a half years I have been working with them, my system has never been down, I have never lost data nor have I experienced a virous or cyber-attack. I couldn’t ask for more!

Teresa G. - Oregon, CO

Protection that brings peace of mind!

Imperitiv handles our monitoring of IT products and systems. It gives us piece of mind to know we are protected the best we can be from viruses, cyber-attacks, spam and down time. This service alone is worth the price of the program. I know a lot of companies do not give this much attention, but it is crucial to any company that handles client private information, including payment information. If they do not have this service, they should make sure they have very high limits on their cyber insurance policy.

Ramona S. - Washington, CO